Instructions for a Bad Day.

There’s so much negativity and so much drama and I let myself get caught up in it, mostly by being on social media too much. I think social media has some really good aspects, but then it also has some very, very bad qualities. It’s also full of very negative people.

I’m going to make some new efforts, killing two birds with one stone per say… by 1) not being on social media so much and 2) being more positive in my own life and outlook. This includes bringing more positive activities into my life. I’ve been reading a lot, which is great, but also sort of a tactic of avoiding everything else. So more art, it is! More writing! More creativity!

In true Fae fashion, I don’t have anything to show for that now – but here is a beautiful video and spoken word poem (by the fantastic Shane Koyczan) on how to handle having a bad day.

Do you ever have one of those days where you are just so annoyed by everything, for no good reason?

The hot weather is annoying me. The internet is annoying me. People are annoying me. My stomach is annoying me. My chair is annoying me. The neighbors I can see through their windows are annoying me. Everything.

I can’t even just lay down and block out the world by reading, because the book I’m reading is annoying me. Not the content of the book, just the actual physical book, in my hand, is annoying me. And that annoys me.


What it is to be a woman.

It’s worth thinking about how much you alter your life — whether it’s by taking a different route home, going home early, changing the way you dress or walk or wear your hair — in order to feel safe. These are things that men often don’t have to think about, that men take for granted, that men simply don’t have to consider as they go about their lives. And they’re things that take up a shocking amount of time, strength, and emotional bandwidth to negotiate.

I know it’s Caturday, and it’s the 4th of July, but I’m not going to post about either of those things right now. Instead, I’m going to get heavy for a second here on this blog and just bring your attention to what every day life is like for a woman, because it’s been on my mind  a lot lately. And I came across this BuzzFeed article, of all things, that sums it all up perfectly.

So, just read it.

Daydream believer.

ThinkGeek is hiring a Freelance Packaging Designer.

Now is not the time in my life for me to pack up on a whim to chase a temporary job in Virginia, but I think I just found a new dream job goal. I love ThinkGeek. Most of my paychecks in my life have gone to ThinkGeek. I don’t know why I’ve never thought about it before, maybe I just assumed it was way out of my reach, but now that it’s been put in my head.. it just makes so much sense!

And they totally won me over in this description of the position, “Most importantly, you’ll get to work on some of the top sci-fi and gaming licenses in the world including Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Portal, Game of Thrones, and Minecraft.

SOLD. For the future.

Although I wish I could do it now.