I stumbled across this video and thought I’d share it because I find it inspiring.

I adore music and when I attend a concert, whether it’s classical or just features someone who plays the piano, I often find myself thinking and feeling that I chose the wrong path. Nothing makes me feel the way music does and I wish I had been classically trained like this woman.

I know I’ll be going home to play my piano now…


cat2In true form… I don’t have a pun to share today, too busy – but I do have another cat!

I like this more solid style better than the previous, softer blended cat, so I’m going to re-do the first one. I should be done with this project this week so then I will become more committed to having good entries for Punday!



I’ve decided to start a new Sunday series, where I share puns. Ideally, I will be drawing them.. but being that it’s already Monday when I came up with this idea, for my first Punday I’m sharing a picture of my socks.

French toast, FTW.