Start telling the stories that only you can tell,
because there’ll always be better writers than you
and there’ll always be smarter writers than you.
There will always be people who are much better
at doing this or doing that – but you are the only you.

- Neil Gaiman

sea of leaves.

I met with the florist for my wedding tonight (which was really exciting) and on the way home, I witnessed a beautiful sunset behind the city as I drove across one of the many bridges of Pittsburgh. By the time I reached home, the sun had disappeared but I was still inspired to take a little solo walk through the park before heading home.

I’m glad I did, because the colors are really transforming around here. Fall is my absolute favorite season (me and half of the planet). But working and living in the city, I don’t often get the opportunity to really witness the changing of the leaves like I used to. It was chilly, and I unfortunately did not have a coat or even a sweater with me, but I didn’t mind. The damp ground was contrasted with crisp fallen leaves that crunched as I strayed from the winding path. A black, shaggy dog happily bounded through the coat of leaves shed by the trees as his owner jogged at his side. Somewhere in the distance, I heard a solo coaching lesson between a father and his young son. The occasional crack of a baseball echoed over the hill, followed by a singular cheer.

I ended my walk by sitting in a dry sea of leaves. It reminded me of being a kid and spending hours in the cold to rake all the leaves in our large yard, only to spend the next hour bouncing in and out of them, scattering everything to the wind again. I sat among those leaves, by myself, as the day came to a slow end. I’ve had a lot on my mind and heart lately. But in that moment, it felt right to just be alone and to enjoy the moment for what it was. I didn’t need to dwell on everything from yesterdays.

A song was stuck in my head from my car ride earlier. And as I watched the last of the pale light wink out, one particular line resonated with me, “Tomorrow belongs to me.”

I stumbled across this video and thought I’d share it because I find it inspiring.

I adore music and when I attend a concert, whether it’s classical or just features someone who plays the piano, I often find myself thinking and feeling that I chose the wrong path. Nothing makes me feel the way music does and I wish I had been classically trained like this woman.

I know I’ll be going home to play my piano now…


cat2In true form… I don’t have a pun to share today, too busy – but I do have another cat!

I like this more solid style better than the previous, softer blended cat, so I’m going to re-do the first one. I should be done with this project this week so then I will become more committed to having good entries for Punday!