Jack the Ripper – Illustration




A paper illustration of Jack the Ripper I did in college. I used layers of cut paper to create the image, each sheet a different color. This is the only illustration I’ve done in this style, but it won me 2nd place from the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators in a student show!

I’d like to do some more in this style. Even though it was a lot of work and cutting out tiny pieces of paper, the end result is worth it.


The prodigal daughter returns…

Of course, my version of “prodigal” is Starbucks’ Earl Gray lattes and $3.00 tacos when I don’t feel like packing my lunch. Ah, the poor artist life.


It’s me.

I have been in a funk for, well, months. Hence my absence. (I feel like all I ever do is show up in this blog to say, “Hey.. it’s been awhile..”). Since I last wrote, my remaining friends in the same city as me have moved out of state, I’m working 10-12 hour days and sleeping all the time when not at work because my brain is fried. I do nothing creative. It’s taking me weeks to read one book, when at the beginning of the year I was reading 1-2 books a week.

I’ve been a bit depressed, you could say.

But I’m tired of being depressed, so I think it’s time for some change.

I’m struggling with what I do for a living. I recently received a promotion, which sounded promising, but I’m honestly just not sure that advertising is the life for me. I don’t get any creative satisfaction from it, at least not for quite some time I haven’t. But it’s so demanding of my energy that by the time I get home, I have nothing left in me to create something for myself. I think I need to reconsider some things. Whether that’s finding a way to make a better balance between my current career and my creative life outside of work, or looking for a new career. I’m not sure. But something needs to change. And it’s up to me to do that.


Kennedy Wedding Invitation

In an attempt to actually finally start being more active in sharing my art and design work, I thought I’d share some work.. and since it’s Valentine’s Day, why not share wedding invitations I designed.. for my own wedding?!

These were printed on kraft paper with two color letterpress (black and white). Our theme was rustic Irish and our colors were dark grey and dusty blue. The little paper confetti hearts (stamped from old French books.. ooh la la!) and dried lavender were actually a part of our wedding decor as well, I just happened to have some left over to decorate these photos with.


IMG_3438_RET     IMG_3441_RET

Not to promote…


For Cyber Monday, I’m doing 20% off my Etsy shop with the code CYBER20 today only! So, you know. Go get your nerdy friends some [discounted] hand-made holiday gifts and maybe I’ll post to my blog more with all the exciting new things I’ll be making for those orders.


Christmas time is here…

It’s that time of year again.

Time to promote my Etsy shop, so that you have the best place to shop for all your nerdy gift needs!

Looking for a gift for your favorite nerd? Are you a nerd and want to wear your fandom on your tree? I’ve added new characters (and now in buttons!) over the year, but would love to have orders for characters I don’t have up there yet, so I always welcome requests!


Jon Snow and Glenn are both alive and well in my shop, and they can be on your tree/shelf!