5 Minutes in the Life of an Extremely Awkward Girl

I left work right around 5pm. As I was heading down the sidewalk towards the train station, I didn’t realize that a [fairly new] co-worker was walking alongside me. So when we slowed to cross, I loudly said, “Hello!” Startled, he turned to look at me and proceeded to walk face first into a woman coming the other direction. I apologized profusely, totally my fault, and then we crossed the street together.

“Do you take the T?” We said at the exact same time, followed by a synchronized, “Yes.”

“Where do you live?” We awkwardly said again at the exact same time, followed by a pause as neither of us knew whether to answer. I chose to answer first and in the process, I sidestepped some man that was coming at me pretty fast… this caused my co-worker to try to follow my steps, because we were in a conversation, and we both ran into the man.

Somehow we made it alive into the train station and we made small talk until the train came (thankfully less than a minute). I hopped on and he had to wait for his train. Whew, end of awkward interactions, right? Wrong.

Once on the train, I was standing slightly behind and to the left of some man. I was holding onto a pole and he was not, as he seemed to think he could lean back against the window and be balanced just fine. Except the train took a corner very sharp and the man went flying backwards, directly into my arms. Then, because we were still speeding around a bend, he couldn’t get his footing and I awkwardly cradled a fully grown man in my arms until he could stand again.

It was now his turn to apologize profusely and I did that quintessential awkward person thing when interacting with strangers where I smile too wide and laugh and talk too loudly: “Totally fine, I’m fine! I’ve done that exact thing before.” We then stood in awkward silence for the next two stops, but out of the corner of my eye I noticed him to start to quietly laugh uncontrollably to himself.

Finally, we reached my stop. I made to step around him as the train was slowing, and he again began to apologize. I aggressively-kindly told him, “Seriously, it’s okay. Like I said, I’ve done —-” and then the train came to an abrupt stop and I was thrown forward against the doors.

I could not get off that train any faster. And I avoided looking at it as I walked down the platform, afraid we’d make eye contact through the speeding window, and raced to the safety of my home where I did not have to interact with strangers.

All of this took about 5 minutes, but it felt like eternity.

Welcome to awkward life.

Kennedy Wedding Invitation

In an attempt to actually finally start being more active in sharing my art and design work, I thought I’d share some work.. and since it’s Valentine’s Day, why not share wedding invitations I designed.. for my own wedding?!

These were printed on kraft paper with two color letterpress (black and white). Our theme was rustic Irish and our colors were dark grey and dusty blue. The little paper confetti hearts (stamped from old French books.. ooh la la!) and dried lavender were actually a part of our wedding decor as well, I just happened to have some left over to decorate these photos with.


IMG_3438_RET     IMG_3441_RET

Not to promote…


For Cyber Monday, I’m doing 20% off my Etsy shop with the code CYBER20 today only! So, you know. Go get your nerdy friends some [discounted] hand-made holiday gifts and maybe I’ll post to my blog more with all the exciting new things I’ll be making for those orders.


Christmas time is here…

It’s that time of year again.

Time to promote my Etsy shop, so that you have the best place to shop for all your nerdy gift needs!

Looking for a gift for your favorite nerd? Are you a nerd and want to wear your fandom on your tree? I’ve added new characters (and now in buttons!) over the year, but would love to have orders for characters I don’t have up there yet, so I always welcome requests!


Jon Snow and Glenn are both alive and well in my shop, and they can be on your tree/shelf!



All Hallow’s Read

It’s sort of a point of pride of mine that Neil Gaiman – only MY FAVORITE AUTHOR OF ALL TIME –  and I have communicated via the internet on multiple occasions. He has answered and posted two of my questions/comments on Tumblr. He retweeted a piece of my art once (and simply said “Wow”). He also once reblogged, via Tumblr, ANOTHER piece of art I did, and requested, “Can we make this a thing next year?”

The piece that he reblogged happened to be a gift bag themed to the holiday of his invention, All Hallow’s Read. Being that it is Halloween tomorrow and I have been ashamedly absent from my blog, I thought I’d dust off that piece and share it here. I wish I had thought to fulfill Mr. Gaiman’s wish and make this a thing this year, but alas, I did not. There’s always next year. Sorry, Neil. I’m a cliché of a procrastinating, scatter-brained artist.

Enjoy these poorly shot photographs from years ago and take away from them the sentiment of the holiday, which is to gift your favorite spooky book to someone on Halloween.



Things I am learning…

… in the design world:

The hard work you do for a client doesn’t automatically mean they’ll love it. The hard work you do for a client sometimes – often times – will not end up being used. And if it does get used, it has been poked and pulled and squashed to fit what they wanted it to be, taped and stapled into that shape, and then pulled apart by everything from tweezers to sledgehammers, until it barely resembles the beautiful product of all your blood, sweat, tears and pride it once was.

Most of the time, the hard work you do for a client gets tossed aside (or completely ignored, like.. without even the decency to say no thanks, we changed our mind?) to gather dust somewhere in the miserable land of What Could Have Been, the land your Brain Children have nightmares about.


I love the work I do. I love the variety of projects I get to work on, from the mundane to the challenging. It’s just disappointing to watch things get so close and then trip at the finish line. Such is the design life.